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Our Beth Ruach congregation is built on the values of the Torah and the Talmud and we are united in our faith of Judaism and our support of Israel.

We support our congregation through Torah learning, Shabbat dinners, Jewish holidays celebrations and life-long learning our Jewish education to all ages.

Our congregation is made up of mostly interfaith families due to the rise in Jewish people marrying outside of their faith. As such, while grounded in Judaism, our congregation welcomes their spouses of all faiths and those with no faith, to join us in creating a diverse, vibrant spiritual community of individuals and families.

Through our teachings, work, and embrace, we aspire to keep the Jewish faith and traditions alive within these interfaith unions and be cherished by their extended families, so it may remain vibrant and alive into future generations.

We are affiliated with the Universal Oneness United Faith Canada. 

Universal Oneness United Faith Canada (“UOUFC”) is a spiritual centre that welcomes people from‎ all faiths and those of no faith. The UOUFC works to break down the barriers of religious intolerance. Congregation Beth Ruach is the Jewish inter-faith branch of the UOUFC and is the ‎community that Rabbi David Gellman serves.


“I’ve known David practically my whole life, and he knew my mom and my family, so he was the obvious choice to provide the funeral service for my mother, Miriam Stein. He did a very, very nice job, was very personal, and made sure everyone was included—as I knew he would. Thank you, David.”

Helen B.

Step 3—

We’re in Step 3 in Ontario, and there are certain restrictions affecting indoor funeral services and visitations:

  • Everyone will need to show proof of vaccination starting September 22, 2021 for indoor gatherings. However, until October 22, a negative antigen test will be acceptable also (from no more than 48 hours before the event).
  • Indoors and out – Two metres physical distancing  is required, although there are no limitations on the number of attendees at indoor/outdoor ceremonies unless these are put in place by the establishment for indoor gatherings.

The dream master—

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Chanukah holiday.  We all may eat too many donuts and latkes, but we need to treat ourselves and celebrate the miracle of the oil.  We had a wonderful turnout for our menorah lighting service and toy drive and coming up in a few weeks will be our winter solstice change of season ritual and annual memorial service.  Send in the names of anyone you want a candle lit for.  Remember the lighting of a candle goes toward elevating the soul of the departed and let’s them know you have them in your mind and heart.  We will be lighting candles for all the names we are sent.


This week we continue to light the holy candles of the rededication of the temple – the temple of our souls and our hearts.  We did the first four candles last week and we’ll do the last four now –


Candle 5 – is about God in a broken world – At the heart of our blessings is a world dedicated to healing – we are too aware of the frailty of our physical bodies and so we call to each other to help heal each of us –


Candle 6 – reminds us of the oppression of people and the work still to be done – The oppression of people is not just something from the past – every generation has nation waging war with nation.  Ignorance, prejudice, jealousy, false pride and greed held in our hearts – come out and are manifested in word and deed that dehumanizes and destroy.  May our hearts be cleansed of those attitudes by the light of life and love.


Candle 7 – reminds us there is joy and celebration in the events of life – and


Candle 8 – reminds us that light is everywhere.


The light of the menorah reminds us that light grows in our lives and is a perpetual celebration of victory – of the few over the many; the free against the tyrannical; the light against the dark and forever stands for and represents freedom.


And this week we celebrate the freedom of poor Joseph – the bible’s great dream master, who we first met at 17.  This week we read what may be the two most famous dreams in the bible – the dreams of pharaoh which propel Joseph from the pits of prison to the highest position in the country. 


Pharoah has dreams no one can interpret and the cup bearer remembers Joseph who is summoned from the pit.  Joseph interprets the dreams of Pharoah.  He is now 30.  He is elevated to the position of second most powerful man in the world’s most powerful country and he has grown.  He explains it is not he who answers the meaning of the dreams – it is G0d and he is simply the conduit.  This is incredible growth. 


And he will see his brothers twice during this reading and while he recognizes them, they do not recognize him.  Why should they?  He is dead.  He will play with them like a cat with mice and we will continue to see karma take shape for the intentions and actions of the past.


Enjoy one of the great readings and give thanks and celebrate your freedom and joy and please feel free to share this audio and video with any you think might enjoy it, and of course enjoy all of our past audio and video episodes which are available on our YouTube channel.   This episode will be posted shortly on our channel – click here to watch the Rabbi David Gellman Show in the 2022 cycle.


And if you are one of the people this was sent to by a friend and want to receive it yourself, let me know and I will add you to my mailing list.


Thank you all for allowing me into your homes, into your electronic devices, into your hearts – as you are all with me in mine –


Be well, be happy, be healthy, be free, be kind, be forgiving, be compassionate, be independent of mind and deed, be mindful of your intentions and be good to yourself.  Continue to celebrate freedom of choice in your life and do not give in to fear and enjoy the peace that comes from acceptance – and as always – if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to say “hi”, please send me an email.  I love hearing from you.


And remember anytime you do not want to receive these anymore, please send me an email so I can remove you.  And know – that I truly appreciate your sharing your sacred time with me.


Enjoy and celebrate your life and the lives of others, and in doing, be safe my friends, be happy and may you all sow the seeds of and reap the rewards of peace and love and miracles and make sure you also celebrate your own unique individuality and your incredible awesomeness. 


And remember – your world is what you make it.  Just wish upon a star and continue to be a miracle in someone’s life and light the light of love.





respecting our past; putting faith in your future

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