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Our Beth Ruach congregation is built on the values of the Torah and the Talmud and we are united in our faith of Judaism and our support of Israel.

We support our congregation through Torah learning, Shabbat dinners, Jewish holidays celebrations and life-long learning our Jewish education to all ages.

Our congregation is made up of mostly interfaith families due to the rise in Jewish people marrying outside of their faith. As such, while grounded in Judaism, our congregation welcomes their spouses of all faiths and those with no faith, to join us in creating a diverse, vibrant spiritual community of individuals and families.

Through our teachings, work, and embrace, we aspire to keep the Jewish faith and traditions alive within these interfaith unions and be cherished by their extended families, so it may remain vibrant and alive into future generations.

We are affiliated with the Universal Oneness United Faith Canada. 

Universal Oneness United Faith Canada (“UOUFC”) is a spiritual centre that welcomes people from‎ all faiths and those of no faith. The UOUFC works to break down the barriers of religious intolerance. Congregation Beth Ruach is the Jewish inter-faith branch of the UOUFC and is the ‎community that Rabbi David Gellman serves.

My brother—

Greetings, friends

Thanksgiving is coming and so it is time to be thankful – for all you have.  Spend time expressing it and share thanks with all who come into your sphere of life.  It is a great gift you bestow.
And I hope you are still talking to your angels.  I spoke with at least one of mine this week.  You never know if who you are talking to right now is one of your angels or someone else’s on their way to do what they do.  You too, may be an angel in someone who you do not know or you do not know that you are an angel for them.  These are the little miracles of life and the holiday of miracles is coming soon.
This week we read the greatest origin story of karma – of deception – well thought out – the echoes of which will reverberate through the corridors of time.
The new head of family, Rebekah, will manipulate one of her sons to deceive the other.  And she uses him to also deceive her husband and does so by disguising the one son as the other and fools the blind Isaac by manipulating two of his remining senses – olfactory and touch.  He had no vision and his hearing told him one thing, but touch and smell told him something else.  And during this exchange Isaac asks the most important question we can all ask. 
Read this fantastic tale as it sets up most of the rest of the five books of Moses.
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Thank you all once again for joining me, for allowing me into your homes, into your electronic devices, into your hearts – as you are all with me in mine –
Be well, be happy, be healthy, be free, be kind, be forgiving, be compassionate, be independent of mind and deed, be mindful of your intentions and be good to yourself.  Continue to celebrate the taste of freedom in your life and the peace that comes from acceptance – and as always – if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to say “hi”, please send me an email.  I love hearing from you.
And remember anytime  you do not want to receive these anymore, please send me an email so I can remove you.  And know –  that I truly appreciate your sharing your sacred time with me.
Enjoy and celebrate your life and the lives of others, and in doing, be safe my friends, be happy and may you all have a week of peace and love and make sure you also celebrate your own unique individuality and your incredible awesomeness. 


 Enjoy the show, and feel free to share it with any you think might enjoy it, and, of course, enjoy all of our past  audio and video episodes which are  available on our YouTube channel. 

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