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Ontario eases regulations —weddings and ceremonies


Ontario has taken a big step on the way back to normal. Capacity limits will expand to 50 percent in arenas, theatres, and concert venues (with some number limitations)… Where vaccination certificates are required, capacity limits have been removed for most other areas/indoor public settings such as cinemas. For high risk venues, such as nightclubs or restaurants with dancing, capacity limits of 25% apply. “Capacity limits in other indoor public settings, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, retail and shopping malls, will be maintained at, or increased to, the number of people who can maintain two metres physical distance,” says the Ontario government media release.

  • Capacity limits have been increased for indoor weddings, funerals, or religious services, rites, or ceremonies to the number of people who can maintain two metres physical distance. Capacity limits are removed if the location opts-in to use proof of vaccination or if the service, rite, or ceremony is occurring outdoors.

Most of the caps that were in place were lifted on February 17—a few days earlier than anticipated. However, where capacity limits will increase to 100% on that day for many places, proof of vaccination may still be required, so if you’re arranging a wedding in the near future or other rite of passage ceremony or event, please check with your planner or venue. While the restrictions have been eased, some venues and companies are treading cautiously and requiring distancing or proof of vaccination requirements.

At events or in venues where proof is not required, the 2 m separation rule must be applied.

Venues for wedding receptions (with dancing allowed!) will be able to operate at 25% where proof of vaccination is required. Weddings-GTAJewish Interfaith

The easing of restrictions also marks a return to busy schedules for the many venues and suppliers of wedding-related services from caterers to stylists, photographers, and videographers. If you haven’t made plans, it would be a good time to start. The chance to gather more friends and loved ones close and celebrate with their dream wedding for many couples means that suppliers of wedding-related services are getting booked up.

What does the change mean for wedding planning? As conditions are uncertain and subject to change if Covid rates alter, it’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner. They will be up-to-date on all the changing rules and regulations, with the knowledge to guide and advise you at their fingertips.

It’s a big step forward as happy couples dust off the plans they may have shelved to celebrate their most important life events with friends and family.  (Book soon–please connect with Alex if you’d like to schedule your wedding date.)

For information on large venue/ event spaces and other location/gathering requirements connected with Ontario’s reopening, please see the official Ontario reopening website.


Where vaccine passports are needed in Ontario for certain locations and events, you are likely required to show a current vaccine QR code and photo i.d. For the moment, fully vaccinated means two shots—it’s not necessary to have the booster.  If you have received your booster, an up-to-date QR code will validate this.   (more/government website)

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