The Ceremony of Your Dreams

Serving the Unaffiliated and
Interfaith Communities

Respecting Our Past. Putting Faith in Your Future.

Bringing Jews and Non-Jews Together for Interfaith Marriage

Rabbi David Gellman

Mazel Tov. Congratulations.

My wife Alexandra and I welcome you to our life of service—we’ve been bringing interfaith couples together for marriage for years. Every photo posted here is of a real wedding where we’ve brought wonderful couples and their families together.

And, it’s far more common today than most think.
Prior to 1970, Jews with a non-Jewish spouse in America was just 17%. Today, it’s a full majority of 58%.

And, Alexandra and I have not only watched this happen—we’ve been part of it…we’ve lived it, together

So, we know both the challenges and joys of performing a ceremony that’s inclusive, sensitive, and meaningful to everyone.

We use our tailored approach to bring couples, families, loved ones, and friends together to share in an ecumenical ceremony that respects your past, enshrines your moment of the day, and collectively puts faith in your future as a loving couple.

Rabbi David Gellman

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