Interfaith Wedding Rabbi David Gellman

Interfaith Wedding Rabbi David Gellman

Your wedding is an important chapter in your love story. Through my years officiating I have learned that there’s no such thing as a one size fits all weddings.

For centuries interfaith couples have found their wedding to have challenges that others may not encounter. Finding a caring and experienced officiate to perform the wedding is often on the top of the list. I have been performing Interfaith Weddings throughout the Greater Toronto Area for years and I work on finding a way of blending beliefs to make for a memorable day for both the newlyweds and their family and guests.

Being an unaffiliated Rabbi allows me complete creative freedom. Your wedding will truly be yours and will allow all your loved ones to feel a part of it.

Halacha, or Jewish Law, bans Interfaith Marriage, and does not recognize these marriages as valid in the faith. Therefore all Orthodox and Conservative Rabbis, who with certain differences recognize the binding authority of Halacha, refrain from officiating at Interfaith Marriages. Most Reform and Reconstructionist rabbis, even though their movements do not recognize the binding authority of Halacha, defer to it on this issue. Some Reform and Reconstructionist rabbis will officiate at Interfaith Weddings, though most of these Rabbis will attach conditions, like an undertaking by the couple that the children will be raised Jewish to such officiating. Secular Humanistic Rabbis, who are few and far between, will usually not attach any conditions to their willingness to co-officiate, though some of them are reluctant to use theistic language in the wedding ceremony.

I take pride in my ability to guide couples through the process, creating a warm, loving and memorable weddings day. We all have our visions and traditions, these characteristics shape us as people and shape our relationships. Based on our conversations I will work with you to create a wedding narrative which incorporates your love, interests, experiences, faith, family rituals and customs.

If you’re interested in learning more about my Interfaith Marriage services please contact me.

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