Inter-Faith Weddings

We’re grateful every single day for having these wonderful people let us officiate at this incredibly special moment in their lives…

Broaching an inter-faith wedding with loved ones who are more conservative or traditional—from either or any faith—can be challenging…sometimes it can even be tense and divisive…

We know.

But we also know that the role of a Rabbi is to teach and provide wisdom.

Our experience has taught us that this can be navigated…sometimes a ceremony can be inclusive by simply making a negotiated reference or a gesture that satisfies everyone. We can be intermediaries, healers and bridge-builders—after all, that’s what marriage is about too.

Sometimes all it takes is for us to sit down with family members, listen very hard as to what will make them more accepting and feel better, and then to make the ceremony have reference points that make it easy for them to make it a blessed day for all.

That’s why we love what we do and why we put faith in all of the couples we join together.

Our Beth Ruach congregation follows the tradition of second century rabbinic belief that a congregation needed to support universalism – heritage through significant diversity –  and so we continue to welcome all in an egalitarian format of spiritual practice.

We’ve performed wedding ceremonies and then departed to let the party begin or stayed on by invitation to offer dinner and other blessings.

Whatever your choice or design, we’re just thrilled to make this special celebration  be a marvelous moment and memory for you and your guests.

“Thank you from all of us for a magnificent wedding ceremony. You were epic and we loved every minute. Much love.”

“From the bottom of our hearts…Thank you so much for making our wedding so memorable. You wrote a beautiful ceremony for us and every moment of it was from your heart. All of our guests are talking about how moving our ceremony was and how informative, clear and wonderful our Rabbi is!”

“Thank you for the anniversary wishes !!!  And thank you for marrying us. We are forever connected !!”

“Our 25th wedding anniversary was coming up, and Scott asked Rabbi Gellman if he would help us renew our vows.  Both Alex and Rabbi Gellman not only went above and beyond what we could have expected, but made an incredible ceremony involving all of our children, and many fellow cruisers. It was a magical evening that we will never forget, and talk about to everyone to this day.”

“The feedback from Mark and Lindsay’s wedding has been over the top. Your service was inclusive, spiritual, meaningful, and yet light and fun. I am very appreciative of the way you connected with the bride and groom and made all of the bridal party and guests feel we were part of something extraordinary. Thank you, thank you!”

“It was truly the nicest ceremony I have ever seen, I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better! The details put into each and every aspect were so beautiful, and our wedding day would not have been as special as it was if it weren’t for Rabbi David.”

“My new step Mother-In-Law cannot get over how much she has learned about Judaism! Thank you for your patience and humour.”

“It was the most beautiful and moving service I have experienced in many years. I was deeply moved.”

“It was wonderful…a simple yet very personal and joyous moment…the two of you made it feel so special…thank you so very much.”

“How you connected with both of our families was so special. The time you took to consult with everyone was …”

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